My grandmother taught me that: "Food is God's way of helping us heal ourselves." She never ate a genetically modified fruit, berry, vegetable or herb. She never ate any plant toxically burdened with pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, antibiotic, rodenticides or any other man-made toxic chemicals.

She refused any drug offered by any well-meaning physician. Her motto was: "If God didn't make it, I will not eat it."

Her philosophy simply stated was that whatever man creates is corrupt unless it is made exclusively with the bounty that the Divine provides us. Only the food given to us by the Divine is healthy for us, because it heals us. What a sad comment on modern society that most of the food we eat today is toxic artificial food created and modified by man that creates disease in us.

The Modern Essenes teach nutrition according to the ancient Essenes. The healthiest foods we can eat are ranked from one to six. The moderately healthy foods are ranked from seven to twelve and unhealthy, toxic foods are ranked from thirteen through nineteen.

  1. Chorella and other one celled phytonutrient plants, grass juices and organic chlorophyll

  2. Sprouts of all kinds except those grown from seeds of genetically modified plants

  3. Raw organic vegetables, herbs and apples of all kinds, raw unprocessed organic sugar

  4. Raw organic fruits, vegetable juices, apple and fruit juices

  5. Seeds, nuts, organic grains and dairy, raw organic berries of all kinds

  6. Organic and free range birds, organic fish, organic rabbit and organic eggs

  7. Lightly to moderately cooked organic vegetables, apples, fruits and berries

  8. Non-organic, non-genetically modified raw vegetables, apples, fruits and berries

  9. Non-organic, non-genetically modified diary, raw or cooked seeds or nuts

  10. Cooked organic free-range meats including beef, bison, elk, goat, lamb, ostrich. sheep and venison, cooked non-organic, non-genetically modified grains and breads

  11. Heavily cooked vegetables, fruits and berries, raw unprocessed non-organic sugar

  12. Organic cooked pork and port products

  13. Synthetic and artificial flavorings (taste enhancers), preservatives, spices and food colorings, processed sugars

  14. Non-organic birds, fish and meats other than pork or dairy, processed sugar

  15. Fast foods, non-organic dairy and eggs, non-organic pork and pork products

  16. Genetically modified food crops of all kinds

  17. Artificial sweeteners, margarine and other synthetic or artificial foods

  18. Pastries and breads containing processed sugar and grains

  19. Pastries and breads containing artificial sweeteners, margarine and other toxic chemicals

Water is becoming polluted at an alarming rate. It is estimated that 80% of all public water supplies are polluted at toxic levels. Water purification and processing systems do a fairly good job of killing most bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Some of these pests survive the toxic chemicals placed in the water to kill them. Public water systems do not remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the water supply including herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, rodenticides, mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. See Envision 4 Health for more information on this important topic.

Most people who take the time to read the labels on the food they eat are appalled to discover a list of mostly unpronounceable toxic chemicals disguised as flavorings, colorings, sweeteners and spices. Maybe it's time to examine what natural food can do for us:

Healthy Food Chart